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Brian and Ashley – Padua hills theatre glory

We were early in the parking lot and we thought they were too, because we were staring at them from our car. “I think that’s them” I said, probably having already looked them up on facebook or something. Sitting there patiently knowing that we’ve got another meeting after Brian and Ashley’s. The time wound down to the proposed meeting time and we got out of the car. Them too, . . .at the same time. So we met on the way into the frozen yogurt joint and the meeting went pretty well, but not well enough I thought. It wasn’t one that we walked away from feeling really good about. We prayed that they’d choose us and a few weeks later the email came and kinda shocked the socks off us. They chose us . . . and we couldn’t be more happy they did. We’ve got another shoot to post after this one where we romped in fields for a “day after” session, that was more like a week after, nonetheless, I can’t wait to start working on it. Wow, enough friggin talking Rog . . . show the pictures already. (seriously I don’t know what’s gotten into me. so informative today.)

Brian and Ashley, thanks so much for choosing us!